The aliens have attacked!! We don't have long, take control of a ship and come defend the planet. Intel suggests there technology allows them to pass right through our ships but it doesn't stop our lasers but be careful not to hit the planet with your lasers. Quickly now defend the planet for as long as you can!!!

PC Controls

  • W/Up Arrow - Forward
  • S/Down Arrow - Back
  • A/Left Arrow - Turn Left
  • D/Right Arrow - Turn Right
  • Left Click/Space - Fire, Holding any of these keeps the ship firing
  • Left Shift - Boost
  • F - Fullscreen

PSVIta Controls

  • D-Pad/Left Stick - Move
  • L - Boost
  • R - Shoot

Originally made for ScoreSpace Jam #17!


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Windows Build 19 MB
PSVita Build 24 MB

Development log


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Great work , I really enjoyed it.


Overall a really nice game. Its not that original but it definitly is fun to play. Anyways i would definitly change the movement its way too slow and i would recommend to always point the player at the mouse

Thanks! I did originally have mouse controls but for how small the project is it actually made the game way to easy and at that point you could end up going for hours. I do agree with the movement being way to slow at points I always end up with just holding boost while playing.